Design Research and Product Development Unit - Neera Crafts

What are we ?

A team of multidisciplinary  design professionals and master craftsmen in specific crafts to uplift life of artisans and their livelihood in best possible ways through enriching their craft with design intervention, market, branding, technology and being bridge as well as workers of the artisan.  

Our team is providing backup support to craftsmen throughout the craft channel to maintain the market as well as to create a new product line in handicrafts and handloom.


Our Core Objectives-

1- Research and Product Development - Handicrafts and Handloom
2- Design Intervention - New Product line to maintain rich skills of the artisans in their traditional handicraft and handloom
3- Providing Digital market place for new developed products and creating e-commerce channel

4- Providing Digital market place for traditional crafts to maintain their domestic and international market

5- Creating export market for new product line

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